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Standard Modular Building

Prices start from £4,300

Our Modular Buildings can be assembled bespoke to your floor plan, with interchangeable door and window positions to suit your site. Modules can also be linked together, or stacked with a simple linking kit to make large open plan office complexes.

Modules come with a full one year manufacturers warranty, with additional fixtures and alterations available. These are available for collection as a flat pack, or use our delivery and erection service to put it together for you. For more information, please call 01233 535352.

See How They Work!

  • Double glazed tilt & swing PVCu windows (800mm x
    1100mm) with insulated aluminium roller shutters
  • Outward opening aluminium insulated door
  • ISO Roof panel & composite steel wall panels
  • Non combustible mineral wool insulation (60mm in
    walls and ceiling, 100mm in flooring)
  • Water resistant cement resin floor – no timber!
  • Single piece PVC flooring
  • Flush ceiling mounted fluorescent lighting, with flush
    mounted power sockets

Extras Available

  • Linking kit to stack the modules together – £504
  • Extra windows – £504 each
  • Extra standard doors (754mm) – £392 each

Specification for single modular building   (14.4 sqm)

Specification for double modular building (28.8 sqm)

Specification for triple modular building (43.2 sqm)

Specification for quad modular building (57.6 sqm)